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Oakland, while part of the Bay Area, has its own independent identity and charm with more than a half million residents calling it home. Its ties to the auto industry have been present for almost 100 years. Known at one time as the “Detroit of the West”, Oakland was home to many auto manufacturing plants.

In the late 1800’s horsecar and electric streetcar were dominant forms of public transportation. However, in 1916, General Motors opened a Chevrolet factory which operated until its closure in 1963. Another manufacturer, Durant Motors operated a plant from 1921 until 1930 manufacturing coupes, sedans, convertibles and roadsters.

Despite the importance of BART to the bay area residents, motor vehicles are still the favored form of transportation. That is why if you have purchased a car, motorcycle, RV or truck in California that is a lemon, regardless if it was new or used, you need an experienced Oakland Lemon Law Attorney to help you get back on the road in a safe and functioning vehicle.

Oakland RV Lemon Lawyer

Lemon Law Associates of California is there to help with all of your lemon law problems. We are the best Bay Area Lemon Law Attorneys and are committed to providing the best California lemon law representation available. We have the experience and expertise to get you out of your lemon. We serve the entire Bay Area. including Redwood City, Palo Alto and Sausalito, Emoryville and Napa Valley.

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Give us a call at (855) 864-9199 or through our Contact Form for a free, no obligation case review and consultation. Once we determine that you have a legitimate lemon, we will aggressively go after the auto manufacturers to honor your claim. You pay no out of pocket expenses because the manufacturers are required to pay your legal fees under California Lemon Law.

Our Oakland Lemon Lawyers will help you to understand the California lemon law legal process and make sure you are expertly represented against the automobile manufacturers so you can get rid of that lemon and have a reliable vehicle and peace of mind.