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There is no “typical” California Lemon Law case. Every case is unique. The following are just a few examples of how our California Lemon Law Attorneys have helped consumers:

2004 Ford F-450

Trial 2010 Calaveras County-Donlen v. Ford 217 Cal. App. 4th 138. This case involved a defective Torq-Shift transmission. Ford refused to repair Mr. Donlen’s truck under warranty and did not honor the warranty repairs once the vehicle was out of warranty even though Mr. Donlen had experienced transmission problems during the warranty period. We took this case to trial and won. The Judge granted Ford’s motion for new trial and then Lemon Law Associates appealed this ruling. The Court of Appeal for the third district reversed and held that post-warranty repairs are relevant to show that the vehicle was never fixed right during the warranty period. We initially filed the complaint in this case in 2008 and the case was completed in 2013. For 5 years we fought for our client Mr. Donlen and advanced all costs and attorneys fees during this time period. Our client received a full repurchase totaling over $36,000 in damages.

Lemon Law Associates continues to fight no matter how many stumbling blocks auto manufacturers (and in this case Ford) put in our way. Lemon Law Associates has helped shape California Lemon Law. This case has prevented manufacturers from making “band-aid” repairs just until a car is out of the warranty period.

2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel

Trial 2014 Merced-San Joaquin Valley-After a two week jury trial Lemon Law Associates obtained a successful verdict against Chrysler. Our client owned a defective Dodge Ram Truck and Chrysler refused to do anything about it until our client retained the services of Lemon Law Associates of California. Ms. Yeck was able to prove that the diesel truck had a defective engine and that the engine was not “dusted-out” as Chrysler claimed. Chrysler was required to repurchase the truck and pay over $50,000 including consequential damages.

2008 Ford Focus

Trial 2012 Inyo County-After a trial by Judge, Lemon law Associates was able to prove that our client’s Ford Focus had a defective suspension system which caused premature tire wear and noise/vibration while driving. Ford was forced to repurchase our client’s car and paid over $20,000.

2009 Chrysler 200

Trial 2012 Santa Cruz-After a week long trial by Judge Lemon Law Associates was ultimately able to prove that our client’s Chrysler 200 was defective due to engine, transmission and electronic problems. Our client had 18 repair attempts for various problems and had contacted Chrysler requesting a repurchase of her car. Chrysler refused. After Lemon Law Associates was involved we took the matter all the way to trial and were able to obtain a successful resolution of the case. Chrysler had to repurchase our client’s car and paid over $30,000 in damages.

Trial 2016 El Dorado County

Our client in this case purchased a used BMW X-6 with 46,000 miles from CarMax. The car came with the remaining BMW express warranty which was 4 years 50,000 miles. Between 46,000 and 50,000 miles our client had numerous repair visits for engine problems. These problems continued after the warranty. BMW made our client pay for a new engine and our client continued to have engine problems. Specifically, the engine ran rough, hesitated and smoked. This was due to leaky valves and carbon build-up. Lemon Law Associates took the case to trial because BMW would not admit the engine was defective. Lemon Law Associates was able to prove that the vehicle engine was defective on purchase and that BMW breached both express and implied warranties. The jury awarded our client a full repurchase totaling over $50,000 including repayment for engine repairs.


We are able to settle the majority of our cases without ever having to go to Court. Here are just a few examples of our successful settlements involving Lemon Law and Auto Fraud:

The truck was purchased new. The consumer had numerous complaints of bad brakes, engine problems, and vibrations when turning. Prior to contacting Lemon Law Associates of California, the client filed a complaint with the manufacturer’s customer assistance department. The client’s requests for repurchase or replacement were declined. After retaining our firm, the client received a full repurchase of the vehicle. At the time of repurchase, the vehicle had almost 50,000 miles.

Luxury Sedan purchased used with numerous complaints of brake failures. At the time of purchase, this vehicle had over 30,000 miles. Prior to contacting our firm, the client had taken the vehicle in for brake repairs on approximately nine occasions. Once Lemon Law Associates of California was retained, the manufacturer agreed to a full repurchase.

Sedan purchased new. From the date of purchase, the consumer experienced numerous electrical problems causing the vehicle not to start. The consumer was stranded many times because of this condition. The manufacturer denied liability because it asserted that the dealer damaged the vehicle when it installed a car alarm. Lemon Law Associates filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer and the dealership and received a monetary settlement against the manufacturer and the dealership which was equal to a repurchase of the client’s vehicle. The client was also able to keep his vehicle even though he received repurchase damages.

The truck was purchased new. The consumer experienced numerous problems with the vehicle vibrating and shaking while towing a 5th-wheel trailer. Lemon Law Associates sent a letter to the manufacturer demanding a buyback of the truck. The manufacturer refused. Lemon Law Associates then filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer and the manufacturer offered a repurchase of the lemon truck.

Honda purchased “Certified Pre-owned”. Our client discovered prior damage. We were able to make the Honda dealer and the manufacturer buy our clients car back under the California Consumer Legal Remedy Act.

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