San Diego Auto Fraud Lawyer

Automotive fraud is becoming an all too common occurrence in California. Auto fraud can cover many different components and at times can be hard to detect. Have any of the following issues occurred during the sale of your vehicle?

Did the dealership “tamper” with your contract by forging documents or backdating your contract?

Did the dealership sell you a vehicle without making all of the proper disclosures? (Especially if it’s a “CPO” vehicle)

Did the dealership sell a “Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle” (CPO) vehicle with prior damage that was not disclosed

Automobile dealerships, like other businesses are bound by guidelines and laws to ensure they are adhering to ethical business practices. If you have been the victim of fraudulent auto dealer practices, our California automotive fraud attorneys will make sure that you receive the highest quality legal representation in California. There are many ways in which dealerships will take advantage of customers.

Here are some of the more common frauds conducted by auto dealers:

  • Selling wrecked or salvaged vehicles
  • Selling vehicles that were used as rental cars
  • Backdating contracts
  • Forging documents
  • Selling used cars as new
  • Selling defective vehicles as “certified”
  • Selling vehicles with odometer rollbacks
  • Selling lemon buy-back vehicles
  • Selling a “Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle” that is defective or that has prior damage

Auto dealerships are bound by law to report if a vehicle has been involved in a collision or had repeated breakdowns. They have to inform you if the car was used as a rental vehicle. Since rental vehicles are many times driven very hard and treated poorly by customers, they have a greater potential of developing problems. They also can’t misrepresent a used vehicle as being new or a damaged vehicle as being “certified”.

Unethical dealerships can also engage in any number of illegal practices to sell vehicles such as forging documents, conducting transactions in languages other than English, and not providing a contract in the language the transaction was conducted in.

Unfortunately, when you purchase a vehicle from a dealership, there is always the possibility of coming across a scurvy business. However, you do have options. Call Lemon Law Associates of California at (855) 864-9199 for a free consultation and case review. If we find that you have a legitimate California auto fraud case, your auto fraud lawyer in California will make sure that your rights are protected and your rights are protected.