According to, 60,000 Mazda 6’s will be recalled around September 29th. Canada is also involved in this recall notice.

Recall Notice

The vehicles in question are the 2015 and 2016 models. An electrical shortage in these Mazda’s could lead to the loss of power steering. If this does occur, your vehicle might be prone to crash.

According to the AP, however, crashes because of this issue have not yet occurred.

Mazda says that vehicle owners should be able to tell when there is an electrical shortage. They state that multiple warning lights will go off. If that does not occur, contact the best Lemon Law Attorney’s in California today.

Contact Mazda CA Lemon Law Attorney’s

Is your Mazda 6 a part of this new Mazda recall? Contact the best California Lemon Law Attorney’s today to find out. Email [email protected] or phone 877-955-3666 (inside California) or 619-531-7999 .

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